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The partnership

The PHBOTTLE project will be developed by a consortium of 12 partners, including:

AINIA (Spain) – Project Coordinator – Food Research and Development Centre with previous experience in VET projects. Ainia also has participated in a number of R+D projects in Europe and in Third Countries.

Contact: Dr. Ana Valera  -
Name of the contact person: Ana Valera
Position: Sr. Research Scientist
Telephone and e-mail: +34 96136 60 90 / avalera@ainia.es
Website of the company/centre:   www.ainia.es

AIMPLAS, Technological Institute of Plastics located in Valencia, is a private, non-profit Association with around 400 associated companies (the majority of them SMEs). AIMPLAS has offered its services to the Plastic industry sector since 1990 and, nowadays, has a permanent staff of 100 people. AIMPLAS fields of work are related to technological research and development on plastic materials & products and their transformation processes.

Contact: Serafín García     
Position: Head of Design and Injection
Telephone and e-mail: +34961366040, proyectos@aimplas.es
Website of the company/centre:   www.aimplas.es

TNO is an independent research and innovation organization. We connect people and knowledge to create sustainable innovations that contribute to the competitiveness of companies, to the economy and to the wellbeing of society in general.  TNO stands for goal-oriented innovation. Based on our research and expertise, we develop knowledge specifically for its practical applications, to help companies innovate and find creative answers to the questions posed by society.
TNO focuses its efforts on 7 themes: Healthy Living, Industrial Innovation, Defence, Safety and Security, Energy, Transport and Mobility, Built Environment, and Information Society. Sustainability is one of the key drivers.

Name of the contact person: A.M.M. Ansems MSc.
Position: Sr. Research Scientist
Telephone and e-mail: +31 88 8662002  /  toon.ansems@tno.nl
Website of the company/centrewww.tno.nl

The National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) is an autonomous organization depending upon the Ministry of Industry in Argentina, with the purpose of promoting the competitiveness in the industrial subsector by way of research and developments, technological assistance and the ensured transference and quality of technology.
Research activities in INTI Plásticos are related to materials for sustainable development: biodegradable matrix (PHB, PLA, PCL and its blends), recyclable plastics, materials from agricultural residues or by-products (as vegetal proteins and natural fibers) and polymer nanocomposites. 
The Laboratory of Controlled Release Systems (INTI Química) is dedicated to the design, elaboration and characterisation of emulsions, liposomes, micro/nanocapsules or spheres for various applications.

Name of the contact person: Patricia Eisenberg
Position: Coordinator of the Materials Technology Unit
Telephone and e-mail: 0054 11 47540573  /  patricia.eisenberg@gmail.com
Website of the company/centre:  www.inti.gob.ar

Logoplaste Innovation Lab (ILAB) is an independent business unit of the Logoplaste Group that was founded in 2000 and is actively dedicated to the research and development of high performance plastic packaging solutions.

ILAB offers an integrated and complete packaging development solution that goes from early Marketing and Design research, strategy and conceptualization, to Engineering, manufacturing and implementation support.

ILAB has today accumulated expertise in different technological possibilities for plastic rigid packaging in HDPE, PP and PET specifically produced by Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM), Injection Molding (IM), Stretch Blow Molding (SBM) 1-step and 2-steps, Injection Molding In Mould Labeling (IML), Design & CAD/CAE/CAM, Finite Element Analysis, Computer Aided Logistics, Photorealistic 3D Rendering, Fast prototyping.

Name of the contact person: Mª Eugenia Zacarias
Position:  Raw Material Consultant
Telephone and e-mail: +351 21 4858527 /  maria.zacarias@logoplaste.com
Website of the company/centre:   www.logoplaste.com

CITRESA is a Citrus juice production factory located at Carcagente, a town 30 km south of Valencia (Spain), in the middle of an important oranges production area.
CITRESA is specialized in the production of Citrus (Oranges, lemons, Mandarins and grapefruit) juices, bases, comminuteds , citrus essential oils and formulated fruit compounds  intended for the production of soft drinks.

Name of the contact person: Ana Orts
Position:  Quality Control & Concentrates Technical Manager
Telephone and e-mail: +34 962467347  /  ana.orts@os-group.com
Website of the company/centre:   not available

Mega Empack is based in Mérida (Mexico) since 1990, which produces flexible and rigid plastic packaging.

Our product range includes products for pharmaceutical, cleaning, food and personal care: PET preforms, PE/PET/ PC bottles, PE/PP caps for several neck sizes, PE/PP buckets, PE box containers, PE preformed bags, heat shrink PE films and PP labels.

Our team includes 1600 employees in 11 branch locations, 10 in Mexico and 1 in the Dominican Republic. We attend more than 600 national and international clients, reaching out to Central America and the Caribbean besides Mexico.

Our extensive experience gives us possibilities to offer solutions with a customized business model.

Contact: Gonzalo Martín Garrido     
Position: Packaging Development
Telephone and e-mail: +52 9999 8225, gmarting@megaempack.com
Website of the company/centre:   www.megaempack.com

Logoplaste was founded in 1976 and is among the Top 5 largest rigid plastic converter with 62 factories in 16 countries. It is the 1st in hole-in-the-wall operations in Europe and Brazil and it is the Largest Brazilian, Canadian and Portuguese rigid plastic converter.

Logoplaste do Brasil is a subsidiary of Logoplaste Group and it was founded in 1995.

Reflecting the image of the Group, the business model is a “Hole-in-the-wall” or dedicated sites nearby, totally focused on the production of rigid plastic packages. Logoplaste is an independent company set in the customer’s facilities: 1 customer = 1 contract = 1 plant.

Contact: Vitor Vila Verde   
Position: Brazil R&D Manager
Telephone and e-mail: +55 11 2132-0463, vitor.vilaverde@logoplaste.com
Website of the company/centre:   www.logoplaste.com

Omniform specialises in tailor-made packaging, thin wall containers, trays and blisters for the food and non-food industries, in tradional plastics and bioplastics, with over 40 years of experience, a wide range of state-of-the-art production equipment for extrusion, thermoforming and injection moulding, and a highly skilled team.

Contact: Alain Wambeke
Position: General Director Omniform S.A., CTO Omniform Group (Omniform – Transbox – Dutonplast)
Telephone and e-mail: +3210226955, alain.wambeke@omniform.be
Website: www.omniform.be

SIVEL Ltd is a plastic manufacturing company with experience in injection molding processing. The company manufactures plastic and rubber details for storage batteries, electrical engineering, school items, food industry, tourism and advertisement. Clients of the company are companies from Bulgaria, the Balkans and Ukraine. The company policy is to take open and clear position to its partners together with optimal resolution of the technical questions.
Sivel’s too lshop has an experience in manufacturing, repair, recycling and modernization of tooling equipment, machines and non standard equipment.

Contact: Simeon Hristov Simeonov
Position: Manager of Sivel Ltd.
Telephone and e-mail: +35952604832, sivelltd@abv.bg

For over 50 years, AIJN has been the representative association of the fruit juice industry in the EU. It represents the industry from the fruit processors to the packers of the consumer products.
The aim of AIJN is to work for the best possible political, regulatory and economic framework at EU level in order to add value and promote the growth of the fruit juice industry.

Contact : Lurdes Soares
Position : Technical & Scientific Affairs Manager
Telephone and email : +32 2 235 06 22 lurdesSoares@aijn.org
Website of the company/centre : www.aijn.org 



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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement nº 280831.