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Expected results

The expected results of the project are:

Culture medium and microorganisms to produce PHB.

The potentially useful waste water stream for its use as substrate for fermentation processes and the selection of PHB-producer microorganisms that enhance PHB production will be defined during WP1.

Produced and extracted PHB.

Produced and extracted PHB is one of the most important results of the project due to it is the polymeric material obtained from fruit juice processing wastewater. In WP2, at least 150 kg of PHB will be produced.

  Microencapsulated antioxidants

Microencapsulated antioxidants will be developed in WP3. These encapsulates will be incorporated to PHB, obtained in WP2, and will contribute to advanced packaging material development, delivering antioxidants additives to the packaged juice.

Modified cellulose fibres.

Modified cellulose fibres will be obtained in WP3. The modified fibres will be incorporated, also, into PHB obtained in WP2 and they will contribute to advanced packaging material development making it higher strength and stiffness combined with low weight.

PHB developed composite.

The PHB developed composite (masterbatch) will be the processable material which will be used by the polymeric material transformers (packaging and non-packaging materials) for obtaining the active packaging material: PHBOTTLE. This result is expected to be obtained in WP4.

Preforms design.

A specific preform for making PHB masterbatch processable will be developed in WP5. With this perform, a bottle will be manufactured and making it useful for fruit juices packaging.

PHBOTTLE material processing.

The best processing conditions to manufacture the different types of packaging (food and non-food) and non-packaging (automotive) through different processing technologies will be studied. The different technologies that will be studied are blow-molding, injection moulding, stretch blow molding and blow film extrusion.

Full packaging system (PHBOTTLE).

The full packaging system, PHBOTTLE, is the most important result of the project and will be obtained in WP6. PHBOTTLE will be a sample of a sustainable packaging solution produced from waste water from fruit juice industries. The bottle will be composed by bottle, cap, sleeve and film.

PHBOTTLE eco-efficiency performance.

The eco-efficiency performance will determinate the viability and reliability of the eco-efficient realization of the production chain of the PHBOTTLE and its substances. This study will be carried out in WP7.

q bake project

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement nº 280831.